You just received a notice from the school that you have an IEP meeting, right? What do you do now? Or, have you received a 30+ page document called an IEP and you have no idea what any of it means? I can help!

First, you will find that the world of special education is like alphabet soup. IEP stands for Independent Educational Plan. This is a plan specifically for your child with current progress, goals, and related services. I will go through your child's IEP page by page, section by section. Many of the special education teachers are super busy and, unfortunately, they are not properly trained on how to write an IEP. Therefore, you may find copy and paste from one IEP to another. I will comb through the pages and make sure that each part is applicable to your child.

Next, I will provide feedback to your child's IEP. I will give you questions to ask at the meeting. We will discuss whether an evaluation is needed. We will discuss what you observe at home and compare your observations with the school's report. We will discuss what related services, if any, may be needed for your child. Our goal is to have you as prepared as possible for the IEP meeting.

Finally, our goal is to have you attend the meeting on your own. I know that sounds very scary, but you will be more prepared after our review. You will have your questions and knowledge going into it. The best can always request a second meeting to finalize the plan after we review what happened.

So, let's get together and review your child's IEP. Contact us.