Self care is so important because if you do not take care of yourself, you cannot take care of anyone else. Many parents think any time that they take for themselves is selfish, but taking the time for yourself is actually a requirement for survival.

I started with Reiki I & II several years ago. I am now a Karuna Holy Fire Reiki Master. I have sessions in my home or through Zoom. I can teach you, as well, so you can work on yourself and/or others. Our whole world is made of energy--positive and negative--and I teach you how to bring in the positive energy and keep the negative energy away from you.


Along with self care is eating healthy. We all know that our food is not grown as it once was. Much of our food is depleted of vitamins and minerals and filled with preservatives and synthetic chemicals, so we need to supplement. A friend introduced me to amazing products that gives me energy all day long. I also get supplemental nutrients in a tasty liquid. On the plus side, I have lost weight using these products. If you have been feeling exhausted, emotional, and overweight, let's talk.


CBD is all the rage, right? The benefits of CBD are spectacular. CBD helps with pain, reduces stress and inflammation, and induces calm. Our product is THC-free AND caffeine free. Add your favorite creamer and enjoy! Try before you buy--get a FREE sample when you contact us.

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